Thursday, December 13, 2007

IMAX Theater Hyderabad

The opening of the IMAX Theater in Hyderabad marks a new epoch in the evolution of Indian cinema. Having revolutionized the movie viewing experience world wide, this technology is all set to make a paradigm shift in the Indian Cinema as well. The fact that our capital city has the first IMAX Theater in the entire South India ipso facto makes this event more significant to us. Prasad's IMAX theater that was flagged off to the Hyderabad public on 25th of July has the following distinctions

- South India's First IMAX theater
- India's 3rd IMAX theater
- World's largest 3-D IMAX screen

This Prasad's IMAX multiplex is located on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake at the heart of Hyderabad. This IMAX multiplex is a part of Buddha Purnima project area, which is an initiative of AP Tourism department. With this, Prasad joins the big league of 225 IMAX theaters that are spread across 30 countries.

IMAX specifications at Prasad's
The Prasad's IMAX theater features world's most powerful projector that beams on 29 meters wide and 21.93 meters high screen. It also has a six channel sound system that puts across 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. There are 44 custom designed speakers equipped at strategic places in the theater to give the complete digital experience. This IMAX screen has 15-perforation and 70 mm format instead of usual 5-perforation and 70mm format. The 'rolling loop' technique ensures the smooth run of the movie on the screen.

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